There’s A Stark Contrast Between The Smartphone Market Today And What It Was In 2010


As this chart from Statista shows, the smartphone market could be a heap a lot of profitable and much less various than it absolutely was seven years agone, due to the dominating success of a pick few makers.

Overall smartphones makers sell 5 times a lot of devices than they did in 2010. whereas iOS’ share of the market will solely be attributed to Apple, Android’s share is split among variety of makers together with Google and Samsung. firms creating phones that use robot sold-out a complete of one.3 billion smartphones in 2017 — quite fourfold the entire range of smartphones sold-out in 2010.

It’s a welcome modification for app developers United Nations agency will currently produce one thing that works for the bulk — or a minimum of a major fraction — of smartphone house owners. On the opposite hand, it’s associate unfortunate evolution for currently non-existent in operation systems like Blackberry and for the makers accountable for the one.5 million smartphones running an operating system that may not iOS or Android.

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