LG’s Newest G7 ‘ThinQ’ Smartphone Looks Great, But It Has A Short List Of Features That Makes It Stand Out


LG declared the G7 “ThinQ” smartphone on Wednesday, and it’s to be a solid, comprehensive, high-end device supported the transient quantity of active time I have to be compelled to pay with it sooner than its unveiling.

Will it cause you to leap out to upgrade from last year’s smartphones, or perhaps two-year-old smartphones? in all probability not, however that is ok. just about each recent smartphone unharness, as well as Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy S9, haven’t extremely offered major reasons to upgrade all or 2 years.

It’s manner too early to create a final conclusion on the LG G7, as I even have nevertheless to completely check its performance, camera, and have set (a full review are coming back soon). except for currently, scrutinize the LG G7’s style, what it offers, and what options it’s that you just aren’t getting on different smartphones:

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